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Determination and conscientiousness


Kateřina Lhotova


My main role is to take complete care of the running of the school, communication with parents and, last but not least, childcare.


I am also a mother of two beautiful boys and a former elite athlete.


After finishing my sports career in sports aerobics, I was deciding how to pass on my skills and experience.

I started teaching children sports and tried to convey the joy of movement to them.


This is how I got to our childcare center and school, where I have been working for the seventh year.


This work is extremely enjoyable and fulfilling for me, and I am very happy and appreciate the fact that Our Maternity Center is doing well.


We facilitate parents' return to work and children's overall socialization in the team and everyday life.


In our school and center, we have a family team and a very pleasant environment where children "grow up" with us.


Our staff is well-educated and, of course, an accredited first aid course with the Red Cross.


We look forward to seeing each of you and thank you for trusting us to take care of the most precious thing... 


Michaela Kičáková


The head teacher and the right hand of the headmistress.


Míša has been part of our kindergarten for the fourth year. He runs countless clubs in the kindergarten, such as Tvořílek, English and Movement clubs, which your children can sign up for.


He welcomes you every morning and is an integral part of the running of our school.

Míša is very kind, accommodating and completely dedicated to her work. We are very happy to have her in the kindergarten.

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